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Parcels Courier

Each of our clients with one, two or three different jobs, our suite is ALL in ONE software that provides full functional coverage of several trades. Realtime Dispatch software suite Suite has more to each business, significant customer references.




 Sear maximum orders to your customers

by the high volume of orders you have interest in what they are entered by your customers from the internet

 Organize the form COLLECTED tours

Or even pulls, ruptures manage your load in your warehouses or subcontract delivery

 Vee , announced rifier weighing your customers

check weighing announced is strategic for you: time consuming, it is nonetheless necessary detection of deviations weighing relatively frequent generates cumbersome

 Choosing the best subcontractor diesel tax included

You must compare the rates of complex your subcontractors, their quality of service according to the destination time-consuming activity that is critical to your profitability and your own quality of service

 Edit and automatically paste the merchandise barcode label avce subcontractor selected


 Provide your customers with accurate tracking tasks and packages


 Follow the success of your missions, inform your customers in Real Time


 Check complex billing your subcontractors


 Provide statistics and dashboards to your customers