Eureka Technology

Distribution and Messaging

Each of our clients with one, two or three different jobs, our suite is ALL in ONE software that provides full functional coverage of several trades. Realtime Dispatch software suite Suite has more to each business, significant customer references:




 Manage orders

Your orders usually arrive from the EDI system information of your customers in yours or they come in excel files or text files sent by clients.

 Receive bundles Bills Delivery

Your customers will provide bundles of bills of delivery, or edit them from your system: you need to sign ADDRESSEES fournbir and your customers POD

 You use the equipment each customer to enter information.
 Comply with the requirements your customers

Your customers demand full compliance with delivery deadlines and procedures, sometimes they ask you to contact the recipient to make appointment in specific slots

 Establish turned , are

Your delivery orders from several customers must be integrated into rounds, sometimes pulls the feedback to your customers via EDI is often

 Follow good course of your missions

 You must inform customers in real time, at least in case of anomalies or disputes. You manage hundreds or even thousands of deliveries per day.
 Your clients will sometimes ask you to scan yourself edit the bar code, manage disputes codes your clients apply their procedures the letter
 You must re-enter information to manage your large complex billing would if you were not equipped with software
 Provide statistics and dashboards to your customers