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Change of era ...

e-transformation and e-win !


EUREKA Technology develops and markets software solutions adapted to transport professions: race course, express transport, emergency transportation, chartering, freight, courier, distribution and touring.

modern software solution integrating constantly changing technical innovations and features relevant to the dual aim of providing transport companies:
The productivity gains they absolutely need to cope with changes in their environment.
innovative services that their existing customer loyalty by providing many benefits are real and spearheads business to win new customers.

This solution is Realtime Dispatch Suite, consisting of base Dispatch Transportation Software, fast, simple, efficient and customizable, which are clipped interactive modules with high value added : DispatchWeb, DispatchMobile, and DispatchScan DispatchGéolocalisation, which make up a true suite real Time

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How to earn between 25 and 50% of the time input transport missions?

Go to our Web Dispatch modules and / or EDI Dispatch!


How to win a third of his time to your operation?

Choose our Dispatch Mobile Module!


How to earn 50% of their time to your back office?

OptezChoose our Dispatch Module Scan POD!